Flight training over the North Coast

Built for performance

Our Piper Warrior III is used for our flight training experiences. This plane is perfect for novice flyers because it offers ultimate safety and funcionality. With an impressive climb and cruise performance, you can be rest assured that our flight training plane will provide you with a complete and fulfilling flying experience.

Offering an exceptional flying lesson

Our plane is routinely checked and maintained as flight safety is paramount. Each of our expert pilots have the skill and knowledge to provide you with the best flying lesson. You can see a video of a lesson here to get an idea of how thrilling the experience is.

Approved flight training in County Londonderry

With a team of fully qualified instructors with a mission to deliver the highest standards, Eglinton Flying Club is your first-choice flight training opportunity in County Londonderry. As an approved and registered flying club, those of you wishing to embark on a commercial flying career can feel confident in our expert knowledge and professional lessons. Our approachable team of instructors will be with you every step of the way and even help you complete the necessary exams. With a controlled airspace that is ideal for tuition, Eglinton Flying Club is proud to offer flight training that will help you achieve your professional pilot’s licence.

Learn more about flight training by calling us on 028 7181 0962